Its hard to pick just one…

So recently I was inspired by one of my favourite print companies, Social Print Studio, to write a post about my favourite photograph from 2015. I photographed so many great weddings last year, each one was an amazing day and I have favourites from each, so its been hard to pick just one!

After a few hours of looking through all my favourites, I finally came to a decision…It’s a photo I’ve shared before, from Heather and Olie’s wedding, and I hope you’ll agree it’s a beautiful image!

LucyHannahPhotography Favourite Photo 2015

There’s a decision I make at every wedding – do I stand at the bottom of the aisle or the top?  From the bottom of the aisle I could have photographed the bride walking towards the groom, capturing all the details of the back of her dress, seeing all the guests faces as they turn to see her; and of course capture the grooms face in that moment. But, I think at this wedding I absolutely made the right choice.

There are so many reasons why I love this image!

First of all, the bride! How beautiful does she look?! Centred within the image, she is the real focus. The light falls beautifully on her, highlighting her face and expression, and showcasing her veil perfectly. You’re eye can’t help but be drawn to her. Then there’s the groom… you can’t see his face, but, he is by no means forgotten in this image. You can clearly see that this is a special moment. This is the moment that he first sees his bride. And what a sight to see, who wouldn’t want to turn around and be greeted by such a happy face! I think you definitely get the feeling that his emotion is reflected in hers.

Wedding photography isn’t just about one image, its about telling the story of a day. At this wedding I photographed the groom before he turned to face the bride. I captured all his nerves and excitement; and when he turned back, I was able to capture the relief and joy he felt.

Not only does this image capture the emotion of the bride, you can see the happiness and pride within her fathers face. And I LOVE the little bit of lens flare over her fathers shoulder.

If you’ve looked at my photography before, you’ll know that sometimes I have a soft spot for black and white images. And with this image its no different. It works so well in black and white, I love the contrast in the image and how it highlights the features of the building and its elegance.


I’ll be moving house in a few months time which means I get to decorate a new office! (yay) and this will definitely be a photograph that will be hanging on the wall. There are so many options and ways to showcase photographs in print, and I love the options at Social Print Studio. My favourite (which some of my brides and grooms will have seen) are their Minibooks, and I can’t wait to get some of my photos printed as Giant Photostrips! I think I’d love to see this photo as one of Social Print Studios Metal Prints, the contrast in the black and white would look amazing!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my favourite photo from 2015!










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