Misconceptions about Wedding Photography

Misconceptions about Wedding photography lucy hannah photography2

“My Photographer can replicate anything I see on Pinterest”

False. Pinterest can be both a help and a hindrance to wedding photographers. It can provide great inspirations for both brides and photographers, but the problem comes when brides expect a photographer to be able to replicate any image they see. There are so many factors that influence a photograph – height of bride and groom, dress style, time of day, weather, time of year – that a result is never guaranteed so its not always possible for a photographer to replicate a photograph exactly.

Now don’t get me wrong I love Pinterest but it best to use it as a source of inspiration to show your photographer the style of images you like. From a photographer’s point of view, I wouldn’t want to replicate another image, I use different images for inspiration but I always like to put my own style and creative twists on the idea, which means you get a photo that’s unique to you.

Take a look at how I use Pinterest to find new inspiration!




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