Misconceptions about Wedding Photography

Misconceptions about wedding photography lucy hannah photography1

Anyone with an expensive camera can be a professional”

False. Owning a fancy set of pans doesn’t make someone a professional chef, yet some people think that to be a good photographer all you need is a good camera. Photography isn’t just about the camera; an expensive camera is useless in the hands of someone who doesn’t have photography knowledge or experience. Photography is a skill that photographers take the time to learn, practice and constantly develop, just like any other profession.

Photographers charge a lot when they are only working for a short time”

False. It may seem to some that a photographer only works those ten or so hours on your wedding day. When in reality a photographer will spend countless hours before and after your big day making sure you get the best experience possible. You are not only paying for them to be there on the day, but their cost includes all the time they spend sorting, editing and uploading photos; designing, ordering and posting albums; searching for the best possible locations for your photographs; visiting your venue so they can plan for the day; coordinating with your other vendors; blogging and sharing your photos and much, much more.




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