Suzanne and Michael – Liverpool Wedding

Suzanne Michael Lucy Hannah Photo

St Georges Hall is such a lovely venue, and this summer I got the chance to photograph not one but two beautiful weddings there! Suzanne and Michael’s Caribbean inspired day was full of music, laughter and dancing and I’m so glad they chose Lucy Hannah Photography to be a part of it!

SuzzaneMichael_10 SuzzaneMichael_12 SuzzaneMichael_14 SuzzaneMichael_15 SuzzaneMichael_18 SuzzaneMichael_20 SuzzaneMichael_25 SuzzaneMichael_26 SuzzaneMichael_32 SuzzaneMichael_34 SuzzaneMichael_37 SuzzaneMichael_44 SuzzaneMichael_50 SuzzaneMichael_51 SuzzaneMichael_56 SuzzaneMichael_55 SuzzaneMichael_57 SuzzaneMichael_58 SuzzaneMichael_59 SuzzaneMichael_60 SuzzaneMichael_62 SuzzaneMichael_63 SuzzaneMichael_64 SuzzaneMichael_66 SuzzaneMichael_68 SuzzaneMichael_69 SuzzaneMichael_70 SuzzaneMichael_74 SuzzaneMichael_83 SuzzaneMichael_85 SuzzaneMichael_86 SuzzaneMichael_91 SuzzaneMichael_93 SuzzaneMichael_94 SuzzaneMichael_96 SuzzaneMichael_98 Suzanne Michael Lucy Hannah Photo SuzzaneMichael_104 SuzzaneMichael_107 SuzzaneMichael_108 SuzzaneMichael_111 SuzzaneMichael_114 SuzzaneMichael_116 SuzzaneMichael_119 SuzzaneMichael_120 SuzzaneMichael_122 SuzzaneMichael_124 SuzzaneMichael_132 SuzzaneMichael_133 SuzzaneMichael_135 SuzzaneMichael_138 SuzzaneMichael_141 SuzzaneMichael_155 SuzzaneMichael_168 SuzzaneMichael_173 SuzzaneMichael_176 SuzzaneMichael_177 SuzzaneMichael_178 SuzzaneMichael_180 SuzzaneMichael_181 SuzzaneMichael_182 SuzzaneMichael_183 SuzzaneMichael_195 SuzzaneMichael_204 SuzzaneMichael_211 SuzzaneMichael_217 SuzzaneMichael_223 SuzzaneMichael_225 SuzzaneMichael_231 SuzzaneMichael_247 SuzzaneMichael_248 SuzzaneMichael_249 SuzzaneMichael_254 SuzzaneMichael_258 SuzzaneMichael_263 SuzzaneMichael_264 SuzzaneMichael_266 SuzzaneMichael_274 SuzzaneMichael_279 SuzzaneMichael_285 SuzzaneMichael_289 SuzzaneMichael_291


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