Catherine and Craig – Liverpool Wedding


A few months ago I photographed Catherine and Craig’s wedding. I love being a part of someones big day and this was no exception. With a beautiful bride and the surroundings of Sefton Park it was a lovely day!

IMG_4695 IMG_4754 IMG_4798 IMG_4704 IMG_4696 IMG_4725 IMG_4759 IMG_4795 IMG_4801 IMG_4804 IMG_4824 IMG_4862 IMG_4868 IMG_4888 IMG_4899 IMG_4924 IMG_4929 IMG_4944                           IMG_4953 IMG_4957 IMG_4961 IMG_5058 IMG_4968 IMG_4971 IMG_4980 IMG_4984 IMG_5059 IMG_5054 IMG_5100 IMG_5111 IMG_5140 IMG_5159 IMG_5172 IMG_5174 IMG_5194 IMG_5201 IMG_5214 IMG_5224 IMG_5277 IMG_5335 IMG_5323 IMG_5357 IMG_5417 IMG_5371 IMG_5397 IMG_5587 IMG_5620 IMG_5629 IMG_5686 IMG_5712



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