First Dance – My Favourites

Lucy Hannah Photography

When editing First Dance photographs, I often find myself converting a lot of them into Black and White. I love colour photographs just as much as I do black and white but I find that first dance photographs seem to work slightly better in black and white and there are several reasons for this…firstly, its normally darker during the dance which means photographs get a lovely grainy effect, I love the grain that photographs get but I find it often works better in black and white not colour. And secondly, dance floors very often have brightly coloured lights shining on the couple. This illuminates them perfectly but sometimes you might get a blue or pink light that hits the bride face which when in colour is not always flattering, however change it to black and white and problem solved!

That being said, I LOVE the above photograph! And I love the fact its in colour. Its so vibrant and bold and I am so glad I didn’t change it into black and white! Weddings are often focused on the bride slightly more than the groom and thats another reason I love this image. It focuses on the groom and I love how happy he looks looking at his beautiful bride!



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