Speeches – My Favourites – Guest Reactions

lucy hannah photography

Speeches are a great time in the day to capture photographs. They are filled with pure laughter, smiles and tears. As a photographer I like to find a spot where I can not only see the top table, but also a large portion of the room. I like to be able to tell a story and including the reactions of as many guests as possible helps to do this. I love the above photograph. You get a real sense of the scale of the wedding with so many people filling the background. The subject of the photograph was one of the bridesmaids and I love how she is framed by the rest of the people on her table. The more you look at the photograph, the more faces and smiles you see.

Lucy Hannah Photography

As well as capturing the reactions of the guests, it is of course important for me to photograph the people making the speeches! I love playing with light and using it to make creative images, and this is one of my favourite speeches photographs ever. I love the lens flare and the brightness that it gives the image. The whole photograph has a kind of haze across from the light, yet the dark colours of the brides fathers suit means that he still stands out.

Lucy Hannah Photography

I love how this images tells a story. Every element in the photograph really helps to set the scene, not only can you see the subject bursting with laughter but you also get a glimpse of the best man holding his speech and microphone. I love how your eye is drawn to the mirrors int he background, which reflect the guests, and although you can’t see faces clearly in the mirror, it really helps to give the image depth.


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