Suzanne and Michael – Chester Engagement Shoot



Last month I met Suzanne and Michael in Chester for their engagement shoot. They had travelled from Jamaica for the shoot and luckily they weren’t greeted with typical British weather! The sunshine was glorious and Suzanne and Michael got to enjoy a stroll around the city where they first met…

LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs18 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs17 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs16 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs15 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs14 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs13 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs12 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs10 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs09 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs08 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs07 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs06 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs05 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs04 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs03 LucyHannahPhotographySuzanneMichaelEs02


Looking forward to July for Suzanne and Michael’s big day!


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