Couples Portraits: My Style and Approach

Lucy Hannah Photography

One of the nicest parts of the wedding day is being able to whisk the bride and groom away from the rest of the guests and get some lovely relaxed photographs of them. It is often the first time the happy couple have been alone after the ceremony, and can sometimes be the only time they aren’t surrounded by guests. Not only can we get gorgeous photographs of the bride and groom, this time gives them the perfect opportunity to appreciate the day together.

Lucy Hannah Photography

Couples portraits are often slightly more posed than the rest of the wedding day, but this allows us to be a bit more creative, trying things that might not always work, and things that create amazing photographs (like the shot above – the bride and groom don’t need to be in focus for the image to have real impact. I absolutely love this shot, I love the angles and the way the building fill the shot. The bride and groom are simultaneously the focus of the image and not and I love their poses, giving a real sense of fun!).

Lucy Hannah Photography

Light can play a massive part in making those couples portraits even more spectacular so think about the timeline of the day and where best you could fit couples portraits in to make the most of it. Couples portraits are also a great chance to show off any fabulous locations or views around or near to your venue!



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