Elizabeth and David – Liverpool Engagement Shoot

Lucy Hannah Photography

It was a lovely bright and crisp day when I met Elizabeth and David for their engagement shoot. We met at the Albert Dock and spent the afternoon looking for some little spots where we could hide from the wind. Liz even braved the cold with no coat for some of the shoot!

Liz&DaveES001 copy Liz&DaveES008 copy Liz&DaveES007 copy Liz&DaveES016 copy Liz&DaveES021 copy Liz&DaveES020 copy Liz&DaveES019 copy Liz&DaveES033 copy Liz&DaveES035 copy Liz&DaveES028 copy Liz&DaveES026 copy Liz&DaveES037 copy Liz&DaveES046 copy Liz&DaveES045 copy Liz&DaveES047 copy Liz&DaveES049 copy Liz&DaveES052 copy Liz&DaveES048 copy Liz&DaveES042fb copy Liz&DaveES063 copy Liz&DaveES067 copy Liz&DaveES065 copy Liz&DaveES058 copy Liz&DaveES055 copy Liz&DaveES074 copy Liz&DaveES071 copy

It was lovely too meet you both and can’t wait to head to York in May for your big day!


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