Ceremony – My Favourites

Lucy Hannah Photography

During the ceremony I love to find little places to hide and get a different view point. Finding different things to use to look through or frame the subject helps me keep creative and means every weddings photographs are different. In the above shot I used columns within the church to frame the groom. I love how the image has a gradient from light to dark and how you can only see a glimpse of the bride. So often in wedding photography is the bride the sole focus, I love when I can get a shot thats all about the groom!

Lucy Hannah Photography

At Paul and Rosie’s wedding I had the best hiding place ever! The church had an office hidden away upstairs giving me a completely different and unobtrusive view of the ceremony. There was no window, just a metal partition which I was able to squeeze my camera through and get some really great shots of the guests. This is one of my favourite shots from this hiding place because I love how the pattern of the metal frames the bride and groom in the most unusual shape.


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