Ceremony – My Style and Approach

Lucy Hannah Photography

Whether its in a church, a hotel, a registry office, indoors or out, the ceremony is of course the most important part of the day. Each ceremony is unique and full of love and I love being a part of each and every one!

Lucy Hannah Photography

My job during the ceremony is to capture the most memorable moments and be as discreet as possible. My aim is for guests to not even realise I’m there so that there is no distraction.

Lucy Hannah Photography

I try to capture, not only the emotions and reactions of the bride and groom but of as many of the friends, family and guests as I can so that your photographs tell a story of the whole day, including all those moments you may not have seen.

Lucy Hannah Photography

There are so many parts of a ceremony that I just love photographing! First of all is the moment when the bride is walking down the aisle. I love the mixture of the build up of nerves, excitement, laughter and tears, the raw emotion.

Lucy Hannah Photography

I like to get closer photographs of the bride entering the ceremony, because in that moment its not about the dress, or the shoes, or the venue, or the guests, in that moment its all about her…

Lucy Hannah Photography

Lucy Hannah Photo

And after everyone is focused on the bride for those first few footsteps, all at once everyones attention shifts and focuses on the groom as he turns to see his bride for the first time.

Lucy Hannah Photo

I absolutely love this shot of the grooms first look at his bride. I love it because it doesn’t just show the groom, it tells a story. The groom is perfectly centred and focused, the light falls beautifully on his face highlighting his little smirk, and he is framed by the bride and her father.




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