Bridal Prep – More Favourites

Lucy Hannah Photography

Bridal prep isn’t all about the bride of course, there is usually a whole host of bridesmaids, mothers, friends, and usually in amongst all the girls is the father of the bride. I absolutely adore this father of the bride shot. I have a slight obsession with black and white at the moment, but I think this image works so well in black and white. There is so much boldness within the contrast of dark and light which is exaggerated by the monochrome tones. The over exposure of the window behind the subject makes him stand out so clearly within the image and focus your attention. I always love shots that are natural and in the moment, and bridal prep is so often focused on the dresses and hair & makeup that it is very rare to get a shot like this, I love how the father of the bride looks so calm and collected while he takes the time to fix his pocket watch just before he sees his daughter in her wedding dress.



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