Bridal Prep – My Style and Approach


The beginning of any wedding is of course the preparations. Surrounded by the bridal party, dresses, make up and often bubbles this part of the day is filled with laughter, nerves, excitement and anticipation. And I have to admit it is one of my favourite parts of the day to capture.


There is always lots of light during the bridal preparations ready for hair and make-up, which is perfect for me! I am a natural light photographer, which means I don’t use flash or any additional lighting, just the light that’s available.

Lucy Hannah Photography

And where there is hair and make-up, there are mirrors! I love using mirrors within this part of the day.


Lucy Hannah Photo

Now bridal preparations are by no means just about the bride, an one of my favourite photographs of this time of the day is of a mother of the bride (below).


I absolutely love this shot! I love how the dark wood in the background draws your eye from the left hand side of the image to the centre, and how she is concentrating so hard making sure that she looks perfect for her daughter big day. There was a window just to the right and I love how the light hits the front of her arms and across her cheekbone. Some people would say the wood in the background but I think the colour of it works really well with the blue tones of her dress.

Not everyone wants this part of the day photographed, and it is by no means just a girly affair. Grooms also need to get ready for the big day, but more often than not, grooms opt not to have this part of the day photographed. Keep a look out over the next week for more of my favourite bridal prep images and why I love them!


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