What to expect on your big day – my style and approach

Lucy Hannah Photography

For most people your wedding day will be one of the first times you are in front of a professional camera, so what can you expect? Every photographer is different and has their own approach, style, and personality.

Lucy Hannah Photography

Now my favourite photographs are those that show emotions, photographs that capture a moment as it happens, photographs that are real and not staged. Which conveniently suits my personality perfectly. I’m not a loud person and I don’t like being the centre of attention, which I think for a wedding, is perfect! I love being able to photograph a wedding without being seen, without guests even realising I’m still there. I’m not there on your big day to be a distraction I’m there to capture those special moments as they happen. I’m not there to pose and stage, I’m there to photograph what’s real, because they are the moments that mean the most.

Lucy Hannah Photography

I’m going to look at all the different parts of a wedding day and talk through my style, approach and some of my favourite photographs which will hopefully give you a little insight into my thoughts on the big day and help all you lovely brides understand what to expect.

Lucy Hannah Photography

Look out for next weeks post when I’ll start by talking all about Bridal preparations!





One thought on “What to expect on your big day – my style and approach

  1. Awesome. I feel the moment where you less expexted are the best. I see some wedding photographers n they all the same. Poses….poses. I rather capture the moments. Cant wait to read more on ur ideas.

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