The Best of 2014

I loved photographing all my 2014 brides and grooms and these are some of my favourite photos from the year. 2015 looks like its going to be just as exciting 🙂

AimeeTaran179 IMG_2449 IMG_1566 AimeeTaran264 IMG_2193 Paul&Rosie0265 Paul&Rosie0455 Rachel&StevenES041 Paul&Rosie0389 Paul&RosieES059 Paul&Rosie0070 AimeeTaran079 IMG_1089 AimeeTaran173 IMG_1718 Paul&Rosie0004 IMG_2327 IMG_1690 IMG_1679 Paul&Rosie0027 Rachel&StevenES031 Paul&RosieES012 Paul&Rosie0423 Paul&Rosie0371 IMG_1191 AimeeTaran169 AimeeTaran024 IMG_1795 IMG_1393 AimeeTaran057 Paul&Rosie0282 Paul&Rosie0449 Paul&Rosie0179 AimeeTaran171 AimeeTaran028 Paul&Rosie0097 AimeeTaran110 AimeeTaran226 IMG_1154 Paul&Rosie0063 Rachel&StevenES010


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