Paul and Rosie – Liverpool Wedding – The Bluecoat

Lucy Hannah Photography

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Paul and Rosie’s gorgeous handmade wedding! Everything about the day was perfect, including the weather! The ceremony at Holy Apostles and Martyrs  Church was followed by a reception at The Bluecoat, Liverpool.

Paul&Rosie0001 Paul&Rosie0003 Paul&Rosie0004 Paul&Rosie0008 Paul&Rosie0015 Paul&Rosie0021 Paul&Rosie0025 Paul&Rosie0027 Paul&Rosie0030 Paul&Rosie0032 Paul&Rosie0033 Paul&Rosie0037 Paul&Rosie0041 Paul&Rosie0045 Paul&Rosie0052

The bridesmaids looked lovely in blue dresses handmade by the bride!

Paul&Rosie0049 Paul&Rosie0050 Paul&Rosie0053 Paul&Rosie0055 Paul&Rosie0056 Paul&Rosie0059

Paul&Rosie0063I loved having a little hidden view from upstairs to snap a few shots.

Paul&Rosie0066 Paul&Rosie0067 Paul&Rosie0070 Paul&Rosie0072 Paul&Rosie0077 Paul&Rosie0078 Paul&Rosie0081 Paul&Rosie0085 Paul&Rosie0088 Paul&Rosie0106 Paul&Rosie0097 Paul&Rosie0080 Paul&Rosie0112 Paul&Rosie0115 Paul&Rosie0118 Paul&Rosie0119 Paul&Rosie0120 Paul&Rosie0122 Paul&Rosie0125 Paul&Rosie0128 Paul&Rosie0129 Paul&Rosie0132 Paul&Rosie0133 Paul&Rosie0163 Paul&Rosie0174Paul&Rosie0175 Paul&Rosie0178 Paul&Rosie0179 Paul&Rosie0181 Paul&Rosie0184 Paul&Rosie0183 Paul&Rosie0212 Paul&Rosie0216 Paul&Rosie0193 Paul&Rosie0197 Paul&Rosie0203 Paul&Rosie0215 Paul&Rosie0218 Paul&Rosie0223 Paul&Rosie0256 Paul&Rosie0231 Paul&Rosie0232 Paul&Rosie0228 Paul&Rosie0227

The room was laid out beautifully with vinyl records, name tags and goodies for each guest.

Paul&Rosie0239 Paul&Rosie0249 Paul&Rosie0257 Paul&Rosie0264 Paul&Rosie0268 Paul&Rosie0278 Paul&Rosie0251 Paul&Rosie0267a Paul&Rosie0300 Paul&Rosie0306 Paul&Rosie0281 Paul&Rosie0282 Paul&Rosie0284 Paul&Rosie0293 Paul&Rosie0296 Paul&Rosie0297 Paul&Rosie0305 Paul&Rosie0301 Paul&Rosie0314 Paul&Rosie0316 Paul&Rosie0319 Paul&Rosie0321 Paul&Rosie0323 Paul&Rosie0325 Paul&Rosie0327 Paul&Rosie0329 Paul&Rosie0333 Paul&Rosie0338 Paul&Rosie0339 Paul&Rosie0343 Paul&Rosie0350a Paul&Rosie0354 Paul&Rosie0362 Paul&Rosie0363 Paul&Rosie0368 Paul&Rosie0370 Paul&Rosie0371 Paul&Rosie0380 Paul&Rosie0387 Paul&Rosie0389 Paul&Rosie0391 Paul&Rosie0409 Paul&Rosie0412 Paul&Rosie0413 Paul&Rosie0414 Paul&Rosie0415 Paul&Rosie0420 Paul&Rosie0423 Paul&Rosie0428 Paul&Rosie0441 Paul&Rosie0449

I had an absolute ball photographing this wedding! To see more photos of Rosie and Paul check out there engagement shoot here.


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