New trend: Hen party photos

These days there are allsorts of things that brides to be do for their hen night, from holidays, to spa days, nights out to crafty parties. Today, guest blogger Ann, talks about one of the new trends emerging for hen parties – having a photographer document the hen do!

 Lucy Hannah Photography

Organizing a hen party can be done by the bride to be herself or by her friends. Since the hen’s party is meant only for girls, it is obvious that the organizer can be only the bride-to-be or one of her female friends. There are always witty and shrewd friends who decide to organize the hen party on their own, as a sort of surprise for the bride to be but no matter who organizes the party, there are lots of features to be planned…

Whose place suits “hens”?

First of all, the space where the party is going to be held needs to have enough room for all the invitees. If the bride to be’s friends are organizing the party, they need to take into consideration the bride’s female relatives, too. Also, due to the specific nature of the party, it cannot really be held in a parents’ house, but it has to be moved somewhere outside the civilized world. Renting a club or a café could be a smart option for that purpose. When it comes to buck’s and hen’s party supplies, you can order food from a catering company or, even better, prepare it on your own, with the help of other friends.

Who is going to take photos?

Parties are nothing if there are not any tangible physical proofs what actually happened there. That is why choosing the right photographer for a hen party is almost as important as choosing one for the wedding party. Since all the female friends will be there, together with all the closest female relatives, too, they do not come into consideration. If the bride to be or her friends, decide to hire a male photographer, that might embitter their husbands and boyfriends (We all know how crazy hen’s parties can be). Because of that, try to hire a female photographer, to make everyone feel at ease.

Where to pose?

In order to turn the hen night into a whole day, you can think of interesting locations in your town or its surroundings where you all could take your bride to be and have a great outdoor photo session. You could make it even more wonderful if you prepare it as a surprise. You can make an agreement with the photographer to come to the chosen spot and wait for you until you come with her. One of the friends can tell the bride to be that she is going to take her for a drink or to close her eyes because there is a surprise prepared for her.

Bear in mind that the appearance of your guests at the bachelorette party at its beginning and later is going to be different, especially if the space is small and there is no air. The makeup might get ruined and the hairstyle, too. Also, let’s not forget how cocktails affect the appearance, too.

Photos and the day after

When it comes to photos from the party, you can really find most different photos on the net. There are hen’s nights that look like business lunches and then, there are some that look like a carnival. Of course, you should not suppress your photographer artistic creativity during the party. Today everybody has a camera on the mobile or a tablet and many people take photos at various events. So why not ask your friends to collect all the photos from the party then not only will you have a collection of the photographers photos but photographs from your nearest and dearest (the day after could also be a good chance to oversee friends photos and eliminate any that aren’t too flattering before they get put up online for all to see!).

Couples spend a long time deciding on a photographer for the actual wedding day but hen and stag do’s are important memories of the wedding planning process so having it documented means you can show off how great your hen party was for years to come!


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