How to dress for your engagement shoot


Deciding what to wear can be hard at the best of times, but even more so when you’re getting your photograph taken so here’s a few tips to help you out…

Lucy Hannah Photo

Wear something that you love and are comfortable in (but nothing too baggy). If you don’t feel comfortable it will show in your photographs.


Coordinate colours and styles but nothing too “matchy”. Tones of the same colours work really well together but avoid wearing exactly the same shades or exactly the same thing – both in jeans and white shirts would be way too matchy, but if the woman is wearing say a blue dress and the guy’s shirt is a blue shade then that would work great.

Lucy Hannah Photography

Make sure that the overall feel of your outfits match, it won’t work if one of you has a very casual outfit and the other very dressy. Casual clothing is always a great option for an engagement shoot because when decorating your home with photos after the wedding you’ll have a mixture of casual and formal photographs.


Don’t be afraid to wear bold colours – solid dark colours are most flattering, but bold colours photograph well in both colour and black and white.


Keep the outfits simple and classic so the photographs look timeless, if you want feel free to bring an outfit change to give you even more variety in the photographs.


Things to avoid – bright white shirts, tops with logos or writing on, clothing with heavy or fussy patterns.


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