Passion – noun, an intense desire or enthusiasm for something


I don’t remember the first camera I ever had, I don’t remember there being a moment when photography became the one for me, it just did.


As a child I don’t think I had a particularly strong interest in photography itself but more in creativeness in general. There were always cameras around on days out, birthdays, Christmases, but my earliest creative memories are of crafts – knitting, sewing, baking and drawing, I have always loved drawing. Creativity has always been a big part of the direction I wanted my life to go in. I don’t ever remember wanting to be a nurse, or a police officer, or an astronaut, or all the ‘normal’ things kids wanted to be. I wanted to be an artist; a gardener; an interior designer.

As much as I loved drawing, the perfectionist in me hated it. As life-like as a drawing could be it was never perfect, and I found that photography was the perfect way for me to be able to combine my love of art and the need to produce something life-like. Photography is as experimental as any aspect of art and it wasn’t until I started looking into it in more depth that I understood that a camera and the process of developing an image can be as creative as having a paint brush in your hand.

Who knew that my favourite place would be inside a dark room!

Lucy Hannah Photo

When I began photographing people and seeing their reactions to the images, there really was no better feeling. I love capturing the emotion of important moments and showing people just how beautiful they are. Weddings seemed like the perfect place to be able to do both.

I’m a firm believer that photography is an art form and should be displayed as such. I hate the idea of hundreds of beautiful wedding photographs being stuck on a disc in a drawer somewhere hardly ever being looked at. Photographs should be celebrated and shared, shown off and enjoyed!

Lucy Hannah Photo

I can’t pinpoint when I decided that photography was going to be in my life forever, but when I’m holding a camera and looking through the lens, I know I don’t ever want to do anything else.


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