Wedding Planning – Where to start…

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So today there is a new member to the team…guest blogger Ann, and she is share her hints and tips about where to start when planning your wedding! Over to you Ann…

Although the topic of this text is where to start when planning a wedding, let’s start with one thing that should be avoided – hiring a handsome or pretty (male or female, respectively) wedding planner. If you have seen The Wedding Planner movie, starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, then it is clear this is being written. If you have not seen the movie, then here is a spoiler – she is a wedding planner who falls in love with McConaughey, who is the groom. So, maybe the first rule of the wedding planning process should be – never choose a good-looking planner.

To narrow down the focus after this pop-culture reference, probably the most budget- and potentially relationship-friendly solution, is not even thinking about hiring a wedding planner but simply organizing the whole wedding ceremony and reception on your own. If you and your partner are in love with each other and you are ready to form a marital community, i.e. have children and do all other belonging commitments, then organizing a wedding is not such a big deal. However, you must be concentrated and know exactly what you want.

Lucy Hannah Photography

Big or small; restaurant or hall?

Probably the first decision that needs to me made before you even start thinking about the sole wedding organization is determining how big your wedding should be. The space where the ceremony is going to be held will be chosen on the basis of the final list of invitees. If you decide to call only your closest friends and relatives and make a smaller wedding, then a restaurant will suffice. Contrary to that, being soft-hearted and falling into the whining “they-are-our-relatives” trap devised by the parents will result in a couple of hundreds of people at the wedding. For such an amount, you are definitely going to need a larger hall. A larger hall is quite a huge impact on your wedding budget, which needs to be taken into consideration, as well. However, having more guests usually means that you are going to get more presents, which is also some sort of gain. Again, you have to make a good estimate about the profile of your guests. Depending on the type of guests, sometimes smaller weddings to which only best friends and closest relatives are invited turn out to bring more financial benefit than larger weddings.

Apart from the number of guests, another criterion for choosing the right wedding reception space should be the amount of light in that space. Although it might seem ridiculous, the relation between the light and darkness could actually affect your wedding photos to a great extent. No matter how skilful your wedding photographer is, he or she will have much more problems in a darker place than in one with more light.

Lucy Hannah Photography

Fantastic photos – your wedding motto

Apart from the fact that the place that you choose for the reception will affect the quality of the wedding photos, you should also choose a fine photographer. The word fine does not mean Jennifer-Lopez-the-planner fine (which is also potentially dangerous for the couple), but a competent and highly-rated photo pro.

Many couples are in two minds over the question whether they should hire a professional photographer or give chance to a friend of theirs who is an amateur photographer. You know those people who are crazy about cameras and spend a lot of time taking photos in all sorts of situations. Every group of friends has such an enthusiast. However, sometimes being nice to you artist-wannabe friends might end up in a negative way for you. I have witnessed several weddings where friends were supposed to take care of the photo part of the wedding and it ended up with highly blurred and totally useless photos. So, when it comes to wedding photos, you should not save money here. The best recommendation for a photographer is the word of mouth. If you attend some weddings in the period before yours, ask your friends and other wedded couples about their experiences with photographers. Also, take a look at their wedding photos. That will help you choose the right one for your wedding. A few years after the wedding, only few people, if anybody at all, will remember what sort of cake they ate at your wedding. Maybe even you will forget about the food that you had. However, the photos from the wedding will stay there as a permanent memory. That is why this part of the wedding ceremony should be meticulously planned and smartly devised.

Post by Ann Harris


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