Sealed with a loving KISS!


So this week my first ever KISS albums got delivered!! 🙂 (I say mine but unfortunately I don’t get to keep any because they are of course for a bride , but I love them!) KISS is an album company who make some of the highest quality albums I have ever seen! I am so glad that I can offer them as part of my packages!

There are so many album companies out there that when I first started to look for albums I wanted to provide for my clients I really struggled to find albums that stood out to me. Then I found KISS…


I wanted high quality beautiful albums that allowed the imagery to speak for itself. And I think thats exactly what KISS books does. They don’t have complicated choices. You choose the size, whether you want leather or linen then the colour. Thats it. its so simple, and I think its the simplicity that make these albums stand out. Each album comes with their own snazzy slip covers to protect them when they aren’t on display.


I particularly love the Leather albums, especially for weddings. The leather albums are covered in full grain leather and have a hard substrate between pages making them weighty and more resistant to damage. The Linen KISSes are much lighter and thinner because they don’t have the hard substrate between pages, the pages are simply glued back-to-back. The linen covers are beautifully textured and I think the lighter, thinner design makes them perfect for portrait or engagement books.

The albums are available in four sizes. 12×12″, 10×10″, 8×8″ and 4×4″ mini albums. The largest albums make such an impact, they are so big and beautiful that you will want to show them off! I am also in LOVE with the mini 4×4″ albums, which would make great gifts for bridesmaids or mothers, or they are perfect for throwing in your own handbag to always have a copy with you to show off.


The albums lay flat when open so you don’t get any seams down the middle of photographs that cross over two pages. This means that your images can be printed really big across a double page spread and will look incredible!


As well as getting my brides albums delivered, I also got swatches of all the colours for both linen and leather that KISS offer. And I have to say I was as excited to look at the albums as I was to flick through the swatches! As you can see from all the photos of the albums, my bride chose simple, crisp colours – white or Picket Fence as KISS call it for the 12×12 and 8×8 albums shown, and slightly off white (Baby Elephant) for the mini albums; but as you should be able to see from the swatches there is a whole range of gorgeous colours. With 13 Linen colours and 17 leathers there is defiantly a colour to suit everyone.



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