DO or DON’T: Guests taking photos at weddings?


Guests taking photographs at weddings…is it a DO or a DONT?

Over the past few weeks through magazines, twitter and online articles I have noticed a topic that keeps coming up…guests taking photographs at weddings. When I first came across the subject it seemed an almost odd thing to talk about because these days people take photographs of everything! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social medias are filled everyday with photographs of someones new shoes, what they’re eating or simply just a photograph of themselves! So, it seems reasonable that at a meaningful event like a wedding, people want to take photographs.

But the more I thought about it, the more I can see why couples might be choosing to ask guests not to take photographs. For a start, the happy couple are likely to have hired a professional photographer, often spending a lot of money to get the style of images they want. On the rare occasion, some guests at weddings can be a bit obtrusive which may mean that the photographer can’t do their job properly which could lead to them not being able to take the style of photographs the couple have hired them for. As a photographer, however, your job needs to include you knowing how to handle people. You need to be able to know how to explain the importance of you getting the shots you need but also compromising with guests so they too have time to take the photographs they want.

From a photographers point of view, I think there are a few down sides to guests taking photographs. Not only can guests sometimes be getting in your way, but with the increased availability of professional cameras, you are competing with guests who potentially have the ability to produce images of the same technical quality….Or so some people and photographers think. Its defiantly not the opinion I have. I think it takes more than having a good camera to make you a good photographer, and brides and grooms know that, which is why they hire you in the first place.

The biggest obstacle for a photographer, I think, to guests taking photographs at a wedding is social media….(but thats a topic for a blog post coming soon!!)

So this post isn’t really about my opinion. I want to hear your opinion. Whether your a bride to be, already married, if you’ve been a guest a wedding or even if you haven’t, oh and lets not forget any grooms out there, I want to know what you think. There will be more posts on this subject (hopefully some including your feedback!) including more about social media and sharing photos from a wedding.

To help me find out a bit more about this topic, I’ve come up with a little survey so if you get a minute please complete it and share it if you wish!

Click here to take survey

I’d love for you to get involved!


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