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I have stopped/started/re-written this post so many times over the last few days, I’ve completely lost count. My brain has got so many things to say about Fridays workshop but my hand just can’t seem to put them into words, which is making me laugh seen as the workshop was all about creative writing and content, both of which I seem to have none of at the moment but I’ll do my best!

Talking about creative writing has really made me think about my style of writing or in fact the lack of it. I don’t think I really have one. My writing, I think changes depending on how much I like what I’m writing about. I think that when I enjoy what I’m talking about I can write in a more relaxed ways but if its something that I’m not too interested in I write in a pretty boring way. The more I think about it the more I realise how much workshop 1 links to workshop 2 . The more ideas I have, the more things I will enjoy writing about and, I imagine, the more my writing style will develop.

“Enjoy it”

Mike talked about the perception of blogging and how these days a blog is not just a blog and how it’s going to be there forever. I never really thought about that before. Things online aren’t like printed media, they won’t get thrown away or ripped or whatever, there will always be a copy of it somewhere out there; which kind of puts me off a bit – people being able to read my awful writing for years to come – so I best get better at this quick. 😉 Mike also talked about where he finds inspiration for writing styles, and quite simply he reads publications by people that he likes. Simple advice but very useful. It makes sense to look at pieces of writing that you like to find inspiration for your own writing.

“if you can’t get something into 140 characters then you haven’t got a point”

A big theme that Laura and Linda talked about was content – mainly that it really doesn’t matter what it is you’re talking about as long as you are clear with your ideas, your audience will engage with you.

You need to write in a way that shows your audience that you are one of them, and that might not mean writing hundreds of words in a post, it could be using just imagery or video or a question. Using different platforms can encourage a wider audience and it is a good way to keep what you are doing interesting. I struggle a lot sometimes to figure out what to write so I am defiantly going to start using other media like video, and even if no one ever watches them I’ll be learning something new by doing it.

“I’m not a blogger”

It doesn’t matter how you display your information or write your post, there isn’t a blue print for blogging or a way that it should be done, so much so that sometimes people don’t even realise what they are doing is blogging. As long as you know your audience and appeal to them it doesn’t matter what media you use or what you say!

It was a great workshop! Thanks Laura & Mike and the Double Negative, and speakers Laura and Linda.

Laura Brown – award winning journalist, writer, PR, editor, strategist, proof-reader and social media consultant.

Linda Pittwood – writer for Liverpool Post and Art World magazine. winner of the John Moores Critics Award 2012


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