This month I love…Photography – Norman Parkinson


One of my favourite photographers is a fashion and portrait photographer – Norman Parkinson, who’s career began in the 1930’s. He revolutionised fashion photography in the 40’s by taking models out of the studio and into more unusual and dynamic locations. His photography always had a strong element of humour within.

Norman Parkinson1

I first came across his work when I was working on my final major project whilst studying Photography. My project was based around wedding photography and being a lover of all things vintage, I wanted some influence on my work to be fashion photographers from other eras. I have always felt that fashion photography is a good place to look for inspiration, helping any wedding photographer have a more unique and editorial feel to their imagery, and I was drawn to the relaxed atmosphere within fashion photography from the 40s era.

Norman Parkinson2


Norman Parkinson3

I especially love Parkinson’s work. I like the cheekiness that is apparent in his photographs and how the poses he uses are a much more relaxed version of what you would expect to see within editorial fashion. The emotion captured within his images is what, I think, make them so good. Anyone can pose a subject but only a good photographer knows how to capture real emotion within an image.

Norman Parkinson4


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