This month I love…Photography & Film – Sue Bryce & Hailey Bartholomew



This month I love Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew! Sue Bryce is a portrait photographer whose work is amazing, and Hailey Bartholomew is a film maker and photographer whose films will make you smile. I’d never really thought of film as being something that I would ever be interested in, I like the still image and I had in my head that the still image was always what I was going to stick with. But, I thought I would watch the two of them on CreativeLIVE and see how they make and use showreels as part of their marketing, and I found that it was really interesting! I’ve never filmed anything in my life so its going to take a while of trial and error before I’m confident enough in film to create not only a showreel to advertise my business, but (hopefully in the future) showreels that I can offer to my clients as products. I’m actually quite excited about it now!

While they were on CreativeLIVE they shared a story and a video about a woman who had reached out to Sue. Her name was Jill and she wanted to share her story of having breast cancer with as many people as she could in the hope that it will help people. Sue took Jill to Paris, where along with Hailey and a few others they created a beautiful and moving film, photographs and an online magazine to tell Jills story.

Take the time to watch the video, share it if you wish.




































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