What to think about when choosing a Wedding Photographer

There are so many different photographers about, each with different styles, pricing and products that it can be daunting for anyone! With so many things to organise for a wedding, as a bride it’s helpful to know what you need to think about when choosing a photographer so the process can be simple and provide you with the results you want.

Budget can be a big decider of which photographer you choose, but, the price of a photographer doesn’t always reflect the quality of their work. I think that a photographer should never be discounted solely on their price. Everyone has the mind-set that more expensive is better. But what happens when you hate all the work of photographers who are charging say £5000, but you find a photographer whose work you love but only costs £800. More expensive doesn’t mean better, yes they may have more years experience than a photographer who is charging less but the photography of a wedding day is a life long investment, you need to be able to love the photographs that you get otherwise you may end up disappointed.  If you don’t love the style or feel of a photographers work, no matter what the price, they’re not the right photographer for you.

You need to find a photographer whose style both you and your partner love and that fits with the feel of your wedding. That way you’re more likely to get results close to all the photographs you’re picturing of your big day.

One thing that probably gets overlooked is TRUST. If you don’t trust or like your wedding photographer it will show in your photographs! If you feel like you cant get on with them then your not going to be comfortable with them photographing you on your big day. You need to be able to trust that they know how to do their job, that they can get the photographs you want, and that they make you feel beautiful during the process.

When looking at the products that photographers provide as part of their service you need to think about what is important to you. Is an album important? Do you want products you can hang on the walls of your home? Do you want a disc? When thinking about what you want its also important to think about what you will actually use! Lots of people feel that getting a disc with all their photographs on is the most important thing, but think about why you want the disc. Is it to put photographs on social media to share with your friends? Will a disc just be thrown in a draw and never used? Is it to print copies of the photographs? When you figure out what you want and what you are going to use you have a better understanding of the sorts of packages you need from your photographer. Packages might already include prints or social media uploads so a disc of images might not always be necessary. When looking at the different packages think about how long your wedding day is. If your paying for a set amount of hours, make sure that your wedding timeline accommodates everything you want to be photographed within those hours. It can be helpful to include your photographer in the planning of your timeline, they will be able to advise you on how long they need to get the different types of photographs.

Most importantly look at the photographers work! A lot of photographers will have a blog as well as a website which might have a wider range of their photography on. A blog also allows you to get to know the photographer as a person a bit more, and you will be able to see different vendors that they have worked with before. Have they worked in your venue? If so, look at the photographs they have taken there. Do you like the backgrounds they have used within the venue? Do you have suggestions for other places in the venue to take photographs? Looking at the vendors they have worked with might also give you ideas of different people you might use yourself as part of your wedding planning. If a photographer is not the sort of style that you’re looking for, its okay! There will be a photographer out there who is suited to you, and if your struggling to find them ask another photographer if they can point you in the direction of someone who shoots more editorial, or more documentary style; they might be able to help.

Over the next few months I’ll be looking more at questions you should ask your photographer and why its beneficial to ask them for both you and your photographer.


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