This month I love…Photography – Jasmine Star


This month I love Jasmine Star! Well, not just this month, but I thought a good way to start a new section of the blog would be to write about one of my favourite photographers. In this section of the blog I want to start writing about, well, all sorts of things really…things that inspire me, things I like, people I work with, places I go, both wedding related and not. I chose Jasmine Star this month because she is one of the photographers who really made me want to focus on wedding photography.

Her photography is natural, even when posed and she is always able to capture the emotion of the day and the love between each of the couples that she photographs. I love the use of light within her images, the softness, and the shallow depth of field. All of her images are different but you can tell that within them all she has a distinct style.

Not only is her photography amazing, her whole ethos to the way she works is as well. She shares everything about her business, not only her successes but also her failures and how she overcame them. One of the best things I’ve read lately was Jasmine’s very own magazine, Exposed. I must have read it cover to cover about three or four times in the first week I had it. In it she talks about every aspect of her business. How she learnt about photography; how she tackles meetings, photoshoots, or when things going wrong; how she juggles work and life; and how she’s grown her business in the space of a few years. As a photographer, being able to get insight into how someone else processes things in their head and work through their business is a great way to find ideas to apply to your own work.

She really is an amazing photographer, and if I was getting married she would defiantly be on the top of my list for a photographer!


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