What to do next…

So I’m coming to the end of my college course, and to be honest its kind of a bit scary knowing that it a few weeks I won’t have anything to fall back on. I’ll be on my own in a way, with no one to share their knowledge or help me when I need it. I’ve been in education for the past nine years so its going to be strange not getting up and going to school or college every day. But on the plus side I get to do what I want to do next… my photography business! 🙂 I love that I’m going to have the time to develop my business more and have the chances to build a stronger portfolio. I’m on the way to getting my name more well known (well at least I hope I am) with my new website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+! And one of the best things…. I’ve booked my first wedding!! The wedding is not for another year but I am already so excited and grateful for the opportunity, and hopefully many more opportunities like this will be heading my way.

I never thought that I’d miss college or want to stay longer than I have too, but I do. I have met some really good photographers along the way as well as great tutors who helped me develop my photography but also gave me knowledge about how to apply my skills to the Wedding industry. Fingers crossed all the hard work pays off!



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