Learning from other photographers

I think that it is important to look at other photographers work because you are able to see what works, what doesn’t, what you like, what you don’t. You can see what makes them successful, and from all these you are able to develop your own style and find something that makes you unique as a photographer. One of the wedding photographers I love (and I’m sure I will have mentioned her before) is Jasmine Star. I love watching her video blogs or reading about how she develops her business and photography and I really admire how she shares her experiences with others in order to help them in their own business. Through her blog I came across a site called CreativeLive. CreativeLive puts on courses taught by a range of photographers. Some photographers are invited to join the speaker on the course but these numbers are limited so the courses are filmed and afterwards, if you want, you can buy them. They also let you watch the courses live online for free. I signed up to the site because in April Jasmine Star is hosting a three day course (which I can not wait for!) but you get a lot of emails from them introducing you to other courses that are available. They all sound really interesting and I think I’ve ended up signing up to watch a different course every weekend for like the next month.

This weekend I watched ‘Posing Masterclass with Bambi Cantrell’. I had never heard of Bambi before but her course had been really interesting. Its surprising how much you can learn from simply watching another photographer. I made so many notes on how to pose different groups of people, how to light them and how to talk to different people while they are your model. It has defiantly been worth sitting at my computer for three days straight! Check out her work, it’s really fun and interesting! http://www.cantrellportrait.com/


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