Out with my film camera

I much prefer digital to film photography because of it’s immediacy. I do however love film cameras. I think they look so much nicer than digital cameras but I suppose thats personal taste really, I love vintage items and so thats probably why I  like old cameras. The thing that puts me off film is developing and printing the images. I like the fact that I know how to do it and I can develop them by hand, but it takes such a long time…and I end up smelling like vinegar which I hate! So whenever I use film these days, I scan the negatives into the computer. I still have to develop the film by hand but I get to see and edit the images much quicker which suits me fine 🙂

I took my film camera to Liverpool yesterday to take some images for a college brief. I hadn’t used a film camera for a while, but after taking a few shots I remembered just how much I liked taking photographs with them, and I was really disappointed when I ran out of film. I scanned the images earlier today and I think that some of them turned out really well. I think film images look so much better in black and white and so I always use black and white film. I took all my images using a 28mm lens.


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