Blogs, blogs and more blogs…

As part of my college course, we have to create a blog. To help us decide how we want to lay it out, or the kinds of content that we want in it we had to look in detail at three blogs. One had to be photography related, one design/media based and the third could be whatever we wanted. I thought that I would share with you the blogs that I researched because to me they really are great blogs, whether your a photographer or not they are interesting, easy to navigate around and have some amazing photographs.

For my photography blog I chose the New York times photography blog – I thought that this blog has some great examples of photography and really insightful articles to go with them. The posts are not only about the topical news stories but a range of different stories from all around the world. There is also an archive, on the main page, of what the contributors think are some of the most interesting articles from past posts. One of the articles that I particularly like is called ‘Where Children Sleep’ which was about a collection of images by James Mollison. Its a really great collection of both portraits and interiors shots of different children and their bedrooms from around the world.

My design/media based blog was This blog has so much on it that I didn’t know where to begin. I had used it before to read different articles about photographers but had never realised how vast the selection of subjects that were on the blog. It has everything. Food and drink, design, culture, architecture, photography, fashion, music and loads more. I love the diversity of the blog and how no matter who you are there is something on this blog that will interest you.

Finally I chose the blog of one of my favourite photographers – Jasmine Star. Her blog is incredible! She has such a mixture of photography related and more personal posts which give you an insight into her day to day life, her business and her personality. She shares with her readers her past, her present, her experiences and it makes you feel like you know her. Which at the end of the day is the aim of her blog – she wants clients to feel comfortable with her. She also takes time out to help other photographers and develop their skills and their business. Not to mention her photographs are amazing!

So if you find yourself with a few spare minutes, I would defiantly recommend visiting some of these blogs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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